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Tenet, Chris Nolan's next film, what's it about

Sorry for the delay folks, but I'm back to blogging with plenty to talk about. Today, I want to talk about Chris Nolan's next film, Tenet and what exactly it is about and whether it will measure up to his previous movies. Tenet is due to come out in July 2020.

First, check out the trailer here:

Trailer doesn't relieve too much here, though it does give us some hints. The suspicion here is that Nolan is just making us think this movie is about one thing but turns to be about something else completely. Regardless, let's take a look at what the trailer tells us.

"Welcome to the afterlife"

-The movie starts with what apparently seems to be John David Washington's character "dying." Then being greeted with the words, "Welcome to the afterlife." Apparently his character has passed somesort of test and is recruited to be on some "team." Some things to think about here is, is he actually in…

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