Preview: IT, Chapter 2 (2019)

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One of the things that we will start doing here at Buttery Popcorn Movies is to preview upcoming movies. The one that we have picked today is IT: Chapter 2 which releases on September 6, 2019. Surprisingly, the runtime for the movie will be a 2 hours and 45 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, almost 3 hours (probably a good idea to go easy on the soda throughout this movie!). Anyways, before getting into preview, this is the most recent trailer that came out:

Also, those of you really interested in catching an extended clip of Chapter 2, head over to Fandango which is offereing tickets (in select theaters) for IT: Chapter 1 for Saturday August 3 and Tuesday August 6. After the movie ends, stay behind for an extended 8 minute clip into Chapter two. Anyways on with the preview ....

One thing that made the Chapter 1 so good was because the movie went beyond just a “horror” film. You got to see these young kids dealing with their own personal demons - whether it was sexual abuse, guilt that you may have caused your brother’s death, bullying. We got to see these kids handle these complex issues but also have a battle a crazy killer clown. That’s what made the first chapter so good because it worked on a number of levels. For chapter 2, I hope this theme continues in which we get to see the losers club deal with all these personal issue. If the movie is anything like the trailer then it won’t disappoint.

What else is there to look forward to? Just to see the adult versions of the loser club and how this trauma has impacted their adult lives.

On a completely different level there is just the plain scare factor of the movie. This movie will most likely not disappoint in that arena either. For those that saw the teaser trailer (the one with the naked grandma running at Beverly), we know the movie won’t disappoint. So if you plan on seeing IT, sit back and enjoy the scares for a solid 3 hours!

Overall, I’m looking forward to see the development of these characters against IT. September 6 could not arrive soon enough.


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