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Welcome back! In this post, I take a look at some rewards programs. Namely, Regal v. AMC v. Cobb. These are the three main local movie theaters near me, so here goes!

Regal Crown Club: Earn 100 credits for each $1 you spend (can be on tickets or concessions). If you visit 6+ times in a year you qualify for emerald status which means you receive 250 bonus credits every visit. You can achieve ruby status if you visit 10+ times in a year year. Ruby status means 500 bonus credits for each visit. The highest status is diamond status. This status can be achieved with 20+ visits in a year. With each visit you get 1000 extra credits.

What can you redeem the credits for? Regal hypes up the movie swag you can redeem the credits for but I have always found the movie sway to be somewhat useless and overprice in terms of credits required. My thought: save up for some popcorn (6,000 credits) or a drink (7,000 credits) or if you want to hold on, save up for a movie ticket (18,000). Overall, this program is pretty good and you can pretty quickly get yourself a popcorn or a drink ($10 equals 1,000 credits). If you have a regal near you, definitely worth signing up for this program

AMC Stubs (Basic membership): For each $1 you spend, you can 20 points (spend $5 to get to 100 points). Save up for 5,000 points and get yourself a whopping $5 rewards. My opinion: program is bit overrated, it takes quite a bit of time to save up for just a $5 reward. I have heard of instances of acquiring points quicker but to be honest, have yet to see them. I am a member of this rewards program but do not see go here often unless the nearby regal is sold out. At the end, not a huge fan of this program.

Cobb Moviegoer club: Earn 2 points for each ticket purchased. No rewards earned for popcorn/drinks/etc. Maximum you can earn in a day is 8 points and get to 10 points for your first reward which is a free popcorn! Get to 30 points and you can get a free movie ticket. Not a terrible program, it is better then AMC stubs but still takes some time to get to a reward if you're just going to a movie solo (would require 5 tickets).

My conclusion: the best overall program is the regal crown club. This program has quickest acquisition of rewards (even if you're a solo movie goer) and provides the best bang for your buck. AMC Stubs takes FOREVER to get that $5 movie rewards and Cobb Moviegoer club comes in second with a solid "medium" option. So next time you're at any of these movie theaters be sure to sign up for the rewards program so that you get some benefit to checking out a movie!



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