The Lion King (2019) movie review

The Lion King
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My first movie review! I'm excited to provide this first review to my readers :) SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!!!

My excitement to see this movie was very high as it was classic when I was growing. My excitement was tempered after finishing this movie though :( The first scene was just plain amazing where Rafiki holds up Simba. From that point this movie was somewhat disappointing. Moments in the movies where I thought I would cry and moments where I was suppose to be excited just fell flat in the movie. Growing up for me Simba confronting Scar at the end of the movie was a really uplifting event because Simba is confronting his uncle. In this version, I just didnt feel it. I left the movie disappointed overall - I was just expecting more from such a classic Disney movie. I went with two other individuals and both, at one point, in the movie fell asleep (yikes). There were pros to the movie though - it is HIGH on nostalgia, James Early Jones as Mufasa, and of course Timon and Pumbaa (they had some hilarious scenes). 

In the end, I would give it a 2.5/4 on my buttery popcorn scale. The movie has some amazing scenes but just misses the mark. This is a movie where it is just best to wait until it is On Demand UNLESS you are all about the nostalgia then by all means head on over to the movie theater for a nice, relaxing movie.

Next up: I will be Dolby Cinema concept. This concept is offered exclusively at AMC Theaters.



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