7 most anticipated movies of Fall/Winter 2019

Today we are previewing the 7 most anticipated movies of the Fall/Winter 2019, without further ado ... here is the list, enjoy! Also, this list is in no particular order :)

1) Star Wars: Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker

-It's Star Wars people, enough said! But aside from the fact that it's Star Wars, lots of questions remain in this next part of the Star Wars saga. Will Rey's past/past parents/anything further related to her past be shown, what is going to be happen to Kylo? Will this movie set-up anymore Star Wars movies. So many questions left unanswered that will hopefully be answered in this movie.

2) It: Chapter 2

-#YoullFloatto. Pennywise is back and the "Losers" are 27 years older. The big question is will this movie differ from the book in terms who dies, what happens, etc. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Losers Club as they take on Pennywise, round 2!

3) Gemini Man

-Will Smith. Enough said. This will be an action-packed film and which will incorporate the "de-aging" process we have been seeing in movies. Older Will Smith v. Young Will Smith.

4) Joker

-The recent trailer showed a super-weird movie, super-weird in the sense that it did not look good. But the rumor on the set of the movie was that Joaquin Phoenix was really into this role. Will Batman/Bruce Wayne appear? Will we see anything related to Batman? It should be interesting to find out.

5) Teminator: Dark Fate

-Another Terminator movie that hopes to capture some of the magic from the original and T2 but who knows. Regardless, it should still be an interesting flick with plenty of action.

6) Jumanji: The Next Level

-This could be a really terrible movie but the one that came out in 2017 was actually pretty funny - Jack Black and the Rock were great. I have my doubts about this sequel but will be interesting to see if this movies turns into anything. Frankly, the original Jumanji from 1990s was a classic and I loved it as a kid so I hope this movie could recapture some of what was in the original but again I have my doubts.

7) A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Mr. Rogers is on the Big Screen with Tom Hanks starring as Fred Rogers. Mr. Rogers was an icon growing up and was an icon for a generation. Lots of folks will flock to movies just because this reminds them of their childhood.


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