Is it ever worth it to a see a movie in theaters twice??


Today at Buttery Popcorn we take take on a question I was recently asked at work, is it ever worth it to see a movie in theaters twice?

I used to be of the position that NO MOVIE would ever warrant watching it twice in movie theaters. In fact, until recently the only movie which I had seen twice was the Dark Knight and that was only because my brother could not watch it with us the first time. Basically, it was a necessity because we had to go with my brother. But since that time, I have gone to see a particular movie twice so the questions remains, should you see a movie twice?

Putting aside the necessity aspect, I have found some benefit in watching a movie twice in theaters. One is watching the movie in a theater, which I find to be a relaxing/stress-free event. Maybe you find movies relaxing and there is nothing else in theaters to watch. In that case, there is nothing wrong with watching the movie again. Take some of the Marvel movies, I personally watched Avengers: Endgame and Spider-man: Far From Home twice in theaters. I did notice things that I did not pickup the first time I watched the movie. Most importantly, the movie was still just as entertaining (if not more) then watching it the first time.

The biggest con, the price of movie tickets. No one wants to pay constantly pay $12 per ticket (sometimes even higher). The best way to resolve this is one of two ways. First, if you go to the movies often, think about the AMC A-List or Regal Unlimited membership (see my prior post to see which one suits you better). This is good way to control costs if you do to the movies often enough. Second, look at discount days for movie theaters. Most theaters have a day in which the price of a movie ticket is heavily discounted. In my area, that day is Tuesday and you can get a movie ticket for $5.

The verdict: I consider going to the movie theater relaxing and I do think there is a benefit to seeing a movie twice in theaters BUT only if price is worth it. I'm not sure if a movie is worth it, if you have to pay $15 but if the price is $5 then it makes perfect sense.


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