New James Bond Movie Coming Early 2020

Well, folks the new James Bond film finally has a title! It will be called No Time To Die. What else do we know about the film?

Who is going to be in the film
-Daniel Craig is returning but the word  (as I previously mentioned) this will be Craig's last Bond movie. We here at BMPs have really enjoyed his take on the Bond role and he did an amazing job as a younger Bond back in Casino Royale. Ralph Fiennes returns as Bonds' boss "M." I was also glad to hear to that Felix Leiter will also be returning in this film (to be played by Jeffrey Wright - he played Felix in the last few Bond films).

Who is going to be the villain?
-Rami Malek (Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsody) is rumored to be the villain in the next Bond flick.

Most importantly, what is the movie going to be about??
-Very little is know about the plot, we do know that earlier this year some information was teased as to how the movie begins. Bond is enjoying himself in Jamaica when Felix calls him to lure him out of retirement. What is the mission? To rescue a kidnapped scientist. From that point out, the plot details are very thin.

This should be an interesting movie as Daniel Craig has probably been one of the better actors to play Bond. So long as the plot is interesting enough, this movie has the potential to be one of the better movies of 2020.


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