Retro Review: Jurassic Park (1993)

Cue the Jurassic Park main song from John Williams ...

Before we review get into this retro movie, an interesting fact about this movie and my childhood ... Back in the day movies would come on in primetime and well, there was no such thing as DVR, so you had to record it on a VCR with a VHS tape. Anyways, this was the first movie we ever recorded on VHS. Let's just say the video was very grainy :) On to the review!

This movie passes the test of time. Enough said. No further discussion needed. Just kidding, this movie just has some great elements, which after 26 years make this still an amazing movie to watch. As a kid, the dinosaurs were just amazing to see come to life. We would read about them in school and it was great to see things play out. Outside of that, that's all I really enjoyed as a kid but that is all I need as a kid. So does the movie work on the adult level? Of course it does. It is not just because have movie brings fond memories. The special effects are great, but that is not what makes the movie great - the movie is about an ethical/philosophical decision, namely: man v. wild, can humans play God, should humans play God, what are the consequences of playing God ....

The movie is about the actors playing out these questions and arguing about this question. They suffer the consequences of these questions. The movie IS NOT about the dinosaurs, let's be clear about that. The movie is about the consequence of humans trying to play God - to create and attempt to control a "creation" and failing miserably at it. Unfortunately the sequels to Jurassic Park have focused more on the "action" that comes out from the dinosaurs, hence the reason the most recent Jurassic Park is about a the creation of a hybrid dinosaur. Think about it - the most recent Jurassic Park (Fallen Kingdom) was about how much damage (or destruction, even how scary the dinosaur could be) the "Indoraptor" could cause. The question in the movie is not about whether humans should do this BUT now is about how much damage and destruction the dinosaurs can cause.

The original Jurassic Park passes the test of time. This movie is simply amazing - it not only reminds me of childhood but it takes a much deeper ethical dive and a dive which an adult can appreciate.


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