On my mind: Book to Movie Adaptations

Today, at BPMs we take a look at some book to movie adaptations so here we go!

1) Harry Potter
-No list discussing top book to movie adaptations would be complete without Harry Potter. The books were just plain amazing, plain and simple. The story developed in each book and always left you on a cliffhanger with the end of each chapter. Deathly Hallows had a satisfying end to it and answered as many questions as possible. How did the movies turn out? The earlier movies follow the books much more closely whereas starting from Prisoner of Azkaban, the movies start to deviate from the books. Prisoner of Azkaban also marks a turn in the movies to a much more serious tone whereas the first two movies have a more "childish" or "magical" tone to it. At the end, do the movies give the same message as the books? Yes! One of the important themes is never giving up, this is present in the first book (from the beginning on how the letter to Hogwarts gets to Harry all the way to end when Harry and Co. are able to defeat Voldemort) - this theme is clearly portrayed in the movies as well. All in all, the movies definitely do the book justice and are great to watch. The advice here at BPMs: read the book and watch the movies.

2) It (not chapter 2, which is going to come out on September 6)
-The book is long, almost 1200 pages. The first IT movie was just the beginning of the book and the remainder of the book (the majority of it) is what folks will ultimately see in IT:Chapter 2. The first IT movie (2017) was about the lack of childhood innocence - these kids fought, bullying, abuse and any other issues that kids deal with. On top of all that, they had to battle a monster. What kid wants to do that? In the 2017 movie, one thing the kids keep saying is that "it's summer." IT IS summer for these kids, yet they are not only battling Pennywise but also battling their inner demons - like Beverly dealing with her abusive father. Does the movie do the book justice? Yes, it does. I read a review one time which said that this movie was not adaptable to a movie form but I don't think that is the case. The first part of the IT movie does the book justice and my hope is that IT: Chapter 2 does the remaining part of the book justice.

3) Life of Pi
-How do you make a movie about a tiger and a boy on a boat? It's tough and the movie was subpar at best. The book is a great story but the movie was just lacking. What this ultimately shows is that it is hard to turn a book which has so many interesting themes (for example, survival) in a movie and have those same themes come out. Overall, the movie just does not do a job in portraying the main lessons that Pi learned with Richard Parker on the boat. However, I will say it was interesting to see the book come to life - it just was disappointing.


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