It: Chapter 2, First Reviews/Reactions are In!

The first reactions to IT: Chapter 2 are in people and looks like it may be a pretty decent movie all things considered. The Losers Club is back, except they are 27 years older and ready to tackle Pennywise (and hopefully for the last time). Let's float on to some fo the first reviews

How long is the movie? The movie is very close to 3 hours long so be sure to go at the popcorn and soda judiciously

How scary is the movie? The movie is scarier then the first part. You will see A LOT more of Pennywise to leave you wondering if that noise you heard at night was just the cat or something else.

Does the movie still have some of the same themes from the Chapter One? Yes, those themes - dealing with childhood trauma, etc - are there but there are some concerns, which are described below.

So how does the movie look overall? Folks are loving Bill Hader and the fact that he steals the show. Drew Taylor at MovieFone finds that the movie is a "giant budget, studio-backed horror movie that's also a fairly serious actors showcase/ensemble, with occasional flashes of brilliant imagery . . ." Other critics have found that the movie does not live upto the expectations and just not as good as Chapter One.

In the end, it seems like IT: Chapter 2 is ambitious yet may fall on some levels. With that being said, we here at BMP are excited to check out the second installment of IT and will be writing our own review of the movie. So long as the movie provides a commentary on the various themes that were present in the first movie, we are sure that this movie will be a pretty solid and are looking forward to checking it out.


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