IT CHAPTER 2: The Pennywise in All of Us

Three hours. That's how long the new IT movie is. It runs long and feels long. But we are not here to just talk about the length of the movie, on to the review!

The movie starts with the return of Pennywise the dancing clown. After an attack on two gay men, the perpetrators toss one of the gay men over a bridge. It's a scene that really makes you think about the society we are in nowadays. In some of the dialogue, the perpetrators essentially tell the gay men to leave Derry, Maine and go back to where they came from. One of the gay men shouts back and says something along the lines of, I am from Derry! When the man is thrown overboard, who is there is save him, Pennywise. Pennywise does his thing and kills the man. But Pennywise doesn't just represent a killing clown in this movie, he appears to represent the demon or fear that may or may not exist in all of us. He is there to take advantage of  the fear that exists in society about the unfamiliar or the unknown.

The movie continues with the Losers Club being reunited by Mike saying that Pennywise is back. They meet sans one of them (no spoilers here on which one of them doesn't show up). Mike tells them that he knows how to beat Pennywise with something called the ritual of Chud,  something he learned from a Native American tribe that had done battle with Pennywise. Bill is the only one that goes back with Mike to see what exactly it is that he found. The others head back to the place they are staying to pack up and leave town. But Beverly has a secret ... he has seen them all die IF they walk away from trying to defeat Pennywise. So basically the options are: then can walk away BUT they will die fairly soon OR they can try to beat Pennywise and possibly die. The Losers decide to stay and Mike tells them they have to to retrieve their tokens to defeat Pennywise. They each have to do this alone by tracing back their steps when they fought Pennywise 27 years ago. Each are able to retrieve their token and they head down to tackle Pennywise.

They all make their way down to Pennywise’s lair where they combine all their tokens but Pennywise doesn’t die because Mike has been keeping a secret all along – he left out what happened to the Native Americans that had tried the ritual. All the Native Americans actually died – non survived. Basically the ritual didn’t work before and Mike thought it would work this time. Problem was that he was wrong.

IT then assume the role of a large spider/clown hybrid and the loser are separated. They each face what has been haunting them.

Bill is faced with the guilt of being responsible for his brother’s (Georgie’s) death. Ben is stuck in the underground hideout he created for the losers and is getting buried alive by himself (remember his fear was not having any friends and the fact that who could love a “fatty”). Beverly is stuck in the stall in the bathroom with the stall door opening and being taunted by HS girls, her father, her husband, etc. they are able to escape their internal fears. Bill realizing that it wasn’t his fault that Georgie died and Ben and Beverly saving each other. 

All the losers are able to reunite in IT’s lair and this is when one of the Loser’s dies (I’m trying not to give away which one dies here). They realize that IT is only so large because they see it as being large (a large spider/clown hybrid). They all begin to just call IT nothing but a clown and ultimately are able to defeat the menacing clown. What does this all mean? IT appears to represent the fear we hold of everything. If you let your fears control you, it runs wild and can seem insurmountable.

But when you are able to get it under control (it's nothing but a clown) - fear is exactly where it is suppose to be, a part of your life but never controlling your life. IT takes on this large spider/clown hybrid because all the losers are letting their fears control them, whether it's Richie's fear about his homosexuality, Ben's fear of overcome those fears and realize IT is nothing more then what they see IT as are they able to overcome the maniac killing clown. The movie ends with the Losers jumping into the water they had jumped into 27 years prior and the Losers go about their lives. The movie makes a strong point - don't let fear control you, otherwise it will overwhelm you.

The language is a bit much at times and the movie runs long. But once the movie finishes, you are left feeling good about what the Losers accomplished and the defeat of Pennywise. We here at BMP give IT: Chapter 2 a solid 3/4 on the Buttery Popcorn Scale.


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