Sony and Disney Disagree On Spider-Man's Future

What does this all mean? Well .... Spider-Man will no be a part of the marvel cinematic universe (MCU). It's interesting because Tom Holland's contract does run with Sony so we may see him continue as spider-man but now a lot of things are up in the air. We will try to take a look at a few questions from here?

Why is Sony doing this, Spider-man was great in the MCU???
-Well, with the into the spider-verse movie along with Venom, Sony was in a good position to ask for a better deal from Disney. Disney was hoping for a 50/50 co-financing split which Sony was not OK with. Look for the Sony Spider-Man to appear along with Venom and Sony's Morbius film (this will be an intro to one Spidey's villains). Who knows how the Into the Spider-verse movie plays into this but the concept of a cartoon/comicbook film was a great hit (if you have not seen this movie, you need to check it out, it is pretty amazing). It's possibly we see somesort of Spidey live action film that discusses the concept of various alternate realms. Who knows at this point but Sony definitely has a plan for this moving foward.

So what will happen in the MCU's Spider-man?
-We will not see him anymore in the MCU! It will be interesting because Marvel/Disney will have to write him off the MCU so we will see what that looks like moving foward. I don't want to spoil anything moving forward but it's possibly that it is just said that Spidey is in hiding after the events of Spider-man: Far From Home. Good luck explaining to your friends why we will not seen Spidey anymore in the MCU :)

Overall, us movie fans are impacted the most. Spidey was great in the MCU and some of us were hoping to see him tackle some of his classic villains, maybe even a Spider-man and Venom in the MCU (Venom was actually a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, lol). Regardless, now we are back to the Sony Spider-man and here is to hoping that Sony has some good stories in place. NO ONE wants to go back to Spider-man 3 and seeing Tobey Maguire do an electric slide or whatever he was doing in this scene ....

Anyways, here is hoping that there is a good/entertaining plan going forward for Spider-Man!


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