Tenet, Chris Nolan's next film, what's it about

Sorry for the delay folks, but I'm back to blogging with plenty to talk about. Today, I want to talk about Chris Nolan's next film, Tenet and what exactly it is about and whether it will measure up to his previous movies. Tenet is due to come out in July 2020.

First, check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdOM0x0XDMo

Trailer doesn't relieve too much here, though it does give us some hints. The suspicion here is that Nolan is just making us think this movie is about one thing but turns to be about something else completely. Regardless, let's take a look at what the trailer tells us.

"Welcome to the afterlife"

-The movie starts with what apparently seems to be John David Washington's character "dying." Then being greeted with the words, "Welcome to the afterlife." Apparently his character has passed somesort of test and is recruited to be on some "team." Some things to think about here is, is he actually in the afterlife or this is somesort of saying to just say you are not part of an elite team? At this point the trailer doesn't really tell us much which is Nolan's MO. It does set-up an interesting rest of the trailer. It also appears that Robert Pattinson is Washington's partner in this movie and whatever it is that they are chasing.

"Prevent World War III" "Nuclear Holocaust? . . . No, something worse"

-The next line in the movie is interesting because it appears to set-up whatever it is what Washington and Pattinson are trying to stop. Something worse then Nuclear Holocaust? Hmmm, interesting. Pattinson and Washington seem to be somesort of "detectives" out looking for some threat that humanity faces. Though the underlying question still remains, is he in somesort of afterlife? Or just somesort of alternate realm where he can still help humanity?

"Don't try to understand it, feel it"

-Then the next scene is interesting. We see a car flip over and then flip back? What exactly does it mean? Can cars flip back and forth in this reality? Unknown but I think the next scene adds a little bit of clarity. We also here the line: "Dont try to understand it, feel it." It's not clear what Washington's character is suppose to just feel but it obviously has something to do with watching the car flip and then flip back

"What happened here?" "Hasn't happened yet"

-We see a scene with Washington and Pattinson character's walking into a room and we hear the line - "What happened here?" ... "Hasn't happened yet." At which point, a man dressed in black comes out of nowhere. Does this answer our questions from above? Washington's character seems to have the ability to see things before they happen. We saw this with the car scene above and see it now when he walks into the room. Or is that Washington's character actually in the "afterlife" where he can see these things and Pattinson's character is on the other side and they are working together to stop something worse then the nuclear holcaust.

Conclusion: The details behind Tenet are slim but probably will remain slim until the movie releases. But what we do know makes this an interesting flick to keep this on the 2020 summer watchlist. It's not clear what Washington's character has the ability to do or whether he is actually in the afterlife. What we do know is that the movie will certainly have action and a plot. Plus we will see what Washington's character "power" is. Stay tuned at ButterPopcornMovies for any updates on Tenet which is set to release on July 17, 2020.


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